Types of Pressure Washer

When you go to buy a pressure washer for the first time you might get confused by seeing the different kinds of pressure washers. So it is advisable to get the idea about different types of pressure washers. Different types of pressure washers have different characteristics keeping its main purpose intact. The pressure washers differ in the use of power source and use of their working sphere. Basically pressure washers are of two types one is residential pressure washer and the other is commercial pressure washer. Based on the power source they are of two types on of them is electric pressure washer and the other is gas pressure washer.

A residential pressure washer is made to use it in cleaning the dirt from your residence. You can use these kinds of pressure washers to clean your house, the outside walls, your car, RV, patio, driveway, fence, etc. These pressure washers are meant for using in your residence. This kind of pressure washer has less power compared to the other type. They are usually cheap in price and the ordinary people can afford it.

Commercial pressure washers are meant to clean the filth in a factory or in a commercial space. This type of pressure washer is comparatively expensive and is large in size. Mostly this kind of pressure washer use fuel as its power source. By using electricity it cannot produce much power as compared to gas. For residential use you cannot use this type of pressure washer.

An electric pressure washer uses electricity as its main power source that it takes through a power cord. This kind of pressure washer is the cheapest and most of the users who have limited budget prefer this type of machine. They do not create much noise like a gas pressure washer. Most residential pressure washers use electricity as their power source.

The other type of pressure washer is gas pressure washer. Gasoline or fuel is used to run the engine in this device. You will get much more power in this type of machines that you will not get in an electric pressure washer. They are comparatively expensive and create much noise which is sometime annoying. But if you need much power this type of machine is for you.

In the market, You will get different types of pressure washer but all of them are not suitable for you. You have to choose the right pressure washer for you to match your requirement. After reading this article, you can decide to buy a best pressure washer with your needs.

Pressure Washer Kinds based on Power Supply

There are many ways to divide pressure washers. There are electric pressure washer, gas pressure washer, residential pressure washer, etc. Based on the power supply we can divide pressure washer in four ways , they are petrol drive, diesel drive, single phase, and three phase. http://www.ehow.com/how_5179362_choose-pressure-washer.html

Petrol Drive: A petrol-run pressure washer is less expensive than a diesel-run pressure washer. It uses petrol as fuel and produces less noise and less power. The weight of this type of machine is not much. So it will be very easy to carry it from one place to another and you can save your energy.

Diesel Drive: A diesel-run power washer is almost similar to a petrol-run machine. The differences between these two are diesel-run power washers are more expensive, produces more power, and a little noisy. The noise can make your neighbors angry but you will get more power.


Single Phase: Single-phase pressure washer is lightweight and it uses the regular 240V power supply that we use at home. It doesn’t produce as much pressure as gasoline pressure washers and doesn’t last for many years. These machines are not very expensive. Most of the people choose this kind of pressure washer for their residential use.

Three Phase: Three-phase power washer provides as much power as a diesel/patrol-run pressure washer. This kind of pressure washer is a little expensive and it lasts for longer period of time. In order to use this machine, we need a phase converter and different type of wire and plug. Those who need more power and want to go for electric pressure washer this is a very good option for them.

All these kinds of pressure are not in use in present days. There are only single phase electric pressure washer and petrol run gas pressure washer. The other types of pressure washers are also available in the market. We have mentioned all the features to choose the best pressure washer in the market. But It's your decision what kind of pressure washer you want to buy.